Wednesday, March 14, 2012

~My Babies! 4 Months and 4 Years!~

My Girls are growing so fast!  Gabby is 4 1/2 and seriously grows an inch a day in height I promise!  Scarlett had her 4 month check up yesterday and is doing very well. 
Weight-14# 8 oz (61st percentile)
Length-25 1/4(79th percentile)
Scarlett is very vocal, screaming is her new trick.  Some say she is calling her sister, Gabby, when she does this!  Scarlett eats 5 times per day, 5-6 ounces per feed.  No cereal yet as we tried this with her last week and she HATED IT!  Hmmm...I know another little girl who was like that too....Gabby, cough, Gabby!  Maybe we will try again in a month or two?  Scarlett is sleeping 8-9hours straight at night!!!  Wahoo!  She soothes herself to sleep which is great, however, this sort of makes me sad because I rocked Gabby to sleep always.  Stay strong Mommy, stay strong!  It really does make things nicer that she goes right to sleep on her own though.  She prefers her back opposed to her belly.  She can roll herself over from her belly to her back but not vice versa.  She reaches for objects, pulls hair, pinches arms, faces, etc.  Likes to be held facing outward so she take take the world in each second!  Nosey Rosie! 

Gabby is doing great as well!  She has her checkup in May so we will see her stats then.  Everyone asks if she is going to Kindergarten next year as she is VERY TALL like her Grandad and Paternal Aunts and Uncles!  NO...No Kindergarten for my sweetie yet! She misses the cutoff and will not go until she is almost 6 years old!  Some of my teacher friends say this is best!?!  I know, being her Mother, that she is not quite ready yet.  She could handle it I know, however, she still has some developing to do next year.  There is a reason state's in our country have cutoff dates. Plus...I want her home another year with me before I send her off to school forever! 

Hope to be back soon with a fresh update!  The weather here is weirdly warm!  77 degrees today!  I felt like I was on Spring Break!  People in our town dressed and acted like it too!  I saw more skin than I needed to at the park today!  You won't catch me in shorts and a tank top with thin straps until I lose at least 20 more pounds...unless those shorts are down to my knees!  Capri's it is! 

Take care everyone!  Happy Spring! 
xoxo, Katie

Monday, March 5, 2012

Milestones...They're A Comin'

Well...they have started... 

Milestones!  The Happy, Yay, How Exciting Milestones!  However, I also kind of dread milestones.  It means my baby is getting bigger, older day by day.  That makes me sad! 

I remember my high school choir teacher singing a song my senior year.  In this song, part of it went something like, "stop time, don't move on".  The song goes on to talk about how your baby grows up and turns into a young man/woman and leaves you one day.  I have heard the words of that song so much in my head lately.  I think of how I was then and how I am now and realize that I had no clue in high school what that song really meant.  I am sure my parents did for sure, but it really did not sink in until now.  I truly feel and always will feel like we never stop growing up.  We are never fully grown.  There is never a "full disk".  We are always learning new things, learning from mistakes and learning what to do and what not to do again.  Mistakes we make, great choices we make too.  However, one thing I know is that I am trying to treasure every single second of my girls!  I am trying to make so many memories.  I do not want to miss a thing! 

On that note, Scarlett rolled over.  Yep...she did it!  I video taped it three times just to make sure I was seeing it correctly.  And YES...she can roll now.  Here it is.  Just click on the link and it will show you the videos...all THREE OF THEM!  Please feel free to MUTE or lower the volume on your computer now. voice is very annoying...very!

Scarlett does not like being on her belly very much.  So, SCORE for her!  Because now if she does not want to stay on her belly she can just roll herself on over.  Oh yea...and that's if Gabby does not beat her to it.  Gabby tends to have a tender heart for her sister.  I am so happy about this, however, when Gabby hears Scarlett screaming while on her belly, Gabby will secretly roll her over without me noticing and run off.  Sibling love!  I have a feeling they are going to be sneaky little sisters as they grow up together!  Scarlett is definitely watching and learning some tricks from her big sister!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guess What???

Gabby can "officially" write her name...well! 

Check it out...
Jeff and I are VERY proud parents to say the least!  Party rockin' in the house tonight!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Girls...

pictures are sometimes better than words... 

especially when I have been running around in circles and just took a shower for the first time the way did I mention that the time is 6:53pm. oh these days with my girls!  would not change a thing for the world!  hope to be back real soon with more updates!

sweet Gabby!

i LOVE how they LOVE each other...

scarlett = 1 month

little diva~gabby loves to have her nails painted!

gabby played the greatest Angel for her school Christmas program! 

gabby loved Santa this year!!! 

scarlett's 1st Christmas! 

can you tell Gabby was very excited about Christmas this year!?!

love her smiles! 

~Happy New Year~
Love, Gabby

scarlett=2 months old

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finally! Scarlett Makes Her Debut!

WOW!  Finally I am here to introduce to you...Scarlett Diane Chamness!  Born on November 4th at 12:54pm.  7 pounds 11 ounces! 

And...she is already 1 month old. I feel terrible for not posting a single thing until now, however, I realize that all of you mom's out there that tried to tell me that having more than one child at home is SUPER DUPER hard were NOT LYING and I should have paid better attention!

Don't mistake me...I am ever so grateful for all three of my beautiful girls, but man this is hard!  I am not even going to pretend that I know what I am doing!  It has been quite the adjustment and the learning of how to multi task and parent more than one child at a time will never stop! 

It's crazy around here each day...

But one thing is for sure...Gabby is a great Big Sister, is Very Helpful and Loves to

her baby sister, Scarlett!  She has to get her "Scarlett Time" in each day.  Gabby is also really great at tending to Scarlett when she loses her pacifier, etc.  Gabby really does not like it when she cries and I can sense that because Gabby will start to act out and be sort of loud when Scarlett is upset.  Funny how that works I think.  I have a feeling the two girls are going to have a great relationship.  Gabby is able to calm Scarlett with her singing voice and words better than me sometimes!  Can you tell by my words that we possibly have a colicky baby on our hands.  Yes!  The pediatrician is not ready to diagnose it at "collic" yet, however, we are definitely on that path and Scarlett fits the profile!  Poor baby!  Anyways, the girls already have a strong bond and I LOVE IT! 

And this is pretty precious too...
Be Back Soon...With Scarlett's Newborn Pictures and Christmas Photos too!!  I am making progress slowly!! 

xoxo, Katie